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Recall the last time you were in an airport, hotel, or casino. You probably saw quite a bit of what is referred to as digital signage. In airports, it is used for flight information, in hotels for way finding, and casinos for information on different casino games and sports betting. These venues use digital signage because it offers content that is dynamic and engaging. Lets face it, when it comes to marketing it is all about capturing the customers attention. We want the customer to see our message and react to the message. There is a big difference between communicating the message on a static stationary board that simply has handwritten or typed print and seeing it on a 48" LCD display with dymanic text, videos, and sound. The customer is more likely to look at the LCD display, listen to the message, and react versus just simply walking past a static sign. 

​Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Reduced Costs - Initial Investment may be high but reduced printing costs and elimination of paper will provide savings down the road
  • ​Attracts Attention - Digital signage is more dynamic than traditional static signage and will engage the audience much more effectively than static signage
  • ​Content is Easily Updatable -  With traditional static signage, anytime you want to change your content or message it has to be manually done which can include increased printing and labor costs. With Digital Signage, the content can be changed easily in a matter of seconds saving you and your employees time
  • ​Influence Purchase Decisions -  Remember Digital SIgnage is very effective in engaging your audience. You customers are more likely to make a purchase decision in store when viewing Digital Signage versus static signage

The dilemma for small business has been that this type of solution was too expensive and not affordable. Now LG has made this type of technology not only affordable but easy to use. WIth LG's Super Sign Technology, small business can now get an all in one solution from the hardware to display the content and the software to help create and manage the content. 

The Super Sign Technology is very user friendly and easy to use. We will be happy to show you how it works or even demo the software for you. You will have access to a wide variety of  templates to choose from. You can add your own pictures and videos plus information to get your message across. 

We currently work with LG to provide these solutions to small and medium sized business' looking to display dynamic messaging and branding content in their business. With the Super Sign Software that is bundled with our displays you will be able to create and manage the content you want displayed on the screen.

Industries that can benefit from Digital Signage









​Small and Medium Sized Business

The amazing thing about Digital Signage is what you can do with it. Digital signage allows you to convey your message in a dynamic way versus traditional signage such as billboards, posters, and static signs. Digital Signage uses technologies such as LCD, LED, and Projection to display content such as digital images, videos, streaming media, and information.

You see them at airports conveying flight status and other information, at convention centers for wayfinding purposes, or at restaurants communicating information about items on the menu.  

In the past this type of signage was too expensive for most medium and small sized companies. That has changed due to the LCD/Plasma revolution which has made screens more affordable. Manufacturers are also bundling software with screens which can allow end users to create and control the content that shows on the screen.